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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

iGo, Mapopolis and TomTom compared

Brighthand compares iGo, Mapopolis and TomTom in a review of navigation software for Windows Mobile devices, reports Engadget Mobile. There is no clear winner, although TomTom is remarked for its reliability, accuracy, and useful extras.

Compared to Mobile GMaps, all these pieces of software provide more functionality, but let's not forget the drawbacks: they work only on Windows Mobile devices, they cost around $100 or more, they only display maps (vectorial information) and not satellite/aerial imagery. Mobile GMaps works on any Java J2ME-enabled phone or device, it can display both maps and aerial imagery and it is available for FREE — although you may have to pay to your wireless carrier for internet traffic. In addition, it supports both GPS receivers over bluetooth and internal GPS/AGPS features on phones like the Siemens SXG75.


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